I’ve Gotten My Very First Award

I'd like to that my parents, my siblings, the lovely Kristine for giving me the idea for this blog...

A blue ribbon and everything?

Dear me!

I’ve been given an award. My very first award. A Liebster Award from the lovely cynical snarky Robynblue!

“The Liebster Award is meant to promote great blogs with less than 200 followers. The goal is to generated exposure and allow more people to discover these great blogs. Here’s how Liebster Award work. Nominees are asked to:
– post eleven facts about themselves
– answer the eleven questions they’ve been asked
– nominate eleven other blogs and ask them eleven questions of their own.
– display the Liebster award.
– there are no actual prizes awarded just recognition by fellow bloggers”

I suppose I’ll begin with eleven facts about myself:

1. I’m not sure how I feel about the fact that there are eleven of each. Why eleven? If you’re not going to make it a nice number with a five or zero, why not twelve? thirteen? Derp.

2. I’m a cat.

3. I’m a music hipster most of the time. I’ve also gone from super heavy metal to folk, classical, and other such calmer music. Weird, eh?

4. I wish men wore top hats and that I could wear beautiful dresses every other day.

5. I have a dog named Frodo. He can roll over and shake your hand and count to two. He’s quite the canine.

6. If I ever name something Samwise, it’ll be Mwise for short.

7. While I type this, I am sitting in a chair in my school in the yearbook room. You may ask, “Wait, why aren’t working on the yearbook?” and I’ll answer you with a frustrated “No one will reply to me with the information I need so I haven’t been able to do anything for WEEKS.” Then I would break out in to sobs. Then I would realize that it’s actually pretty nice to have a big chunk of time to relax.

8. I am an introvert that taught herself to be social because she thought not having human interaction was evil or something. Therefore I am one of the most awkward people ever. At least that’s what it feels like.

9. I lead a little church group thingy at my house on Wednesdays.

10. I work at Mcdonalds. I’m not sick of it yet, and my money is slowly going to my stomach.

11. I have the best boyfriend in the entire world. See?

Now that that’s done, here’s some more riveting stuff about me and my opinions.

1. If you were a bean, what kind of bean would you be?
Hmm… I’ve always liked kidney beans. Also lima beans. Good stuff.

2. What is your favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning?
Sleep! Oh my goodness, sleep. The best Saturday mornings are the mornings with a bit of sunshine coming through the curtains, bouncing against the walls into your pupils, making you realize how late it is. So you roll over and feel like you’re in a cloud of happiness and relaxation. I don’t actually sleep much more on those mornings, just on and off for a few hours. It’s wondrous.

3. What are your three favorite fruits?
I quite like kiwis, oranges, and… hm. Starfruit is nice. I haven’t had it in a while. If berries count as fruit, mulberries win.

4. What do you lie about?
If I told you I would be telling the truth, and telling the truth is not lying; therefore, this question is impossible.

5. What is your specialty?
Being a cat.

6. Who is your nemesis?
Hmm… how about a nice guy like Abraham Lincoln?

7. What gives you the inspiration to blog?
If you must know, the lovely Kristine gave me the idea. It was shortly after she started hers that I was texting her and she all of a sudden said the words “you should make a blog”. At first I rejected such a notion, but in the time between her next reply and that fateful sentence, I had texted her about how it was actually a wondrous idea having fully convinced myself of such. Now I do my best to get at least one post out a week. It has greatly improved my writing skill and I daresay I’ve found a bit of a love for it.  So thank grandest most wondrous Kristine if you enjoy my presence on the interwebs.

8. What are you running from?
The law.  O_O

9. What is your middle name?
Sue. KittiSuePurrik.

10. What is your ultimate all time favourite song, and why?
Well it’s never constant, but lately it’s been Be Calm by Fun. This song contains such a wide variety of instruments and styles; it goes from a Broadway-like song to electric guitar stuff, and… it’s just… wonderful.
I’m going to add a couple of my favorite bands here- Fun, Death Cab For Cutie, Horsefeathers, etc…

11. Where do you find joy?
Well everything good comes from God, so if you wanna be accurate, my joy is found in God and the peace I have through him. Things he uses to make me wondrously happy would be my boyfriend, my stuffed bear Bearsson, cats, music and long sleepy mornings.

Was that fun? That was fun.

My turn to ask questions!

So, lovely Kristine, eshy, Keras, erin, Hero, Cappy, Coffee, Liam (I must say, he’s particularly great), Faith, Neville, Allegra Davis, tell me this:

1. What are your feelings on cats?

2. What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen in a dream?

3. What are you most proud of teaching yourself?

4. What would you most like to learn about?

5. If you grew up isolated on an island, what do you think you would be like?

6. What qualities do you hope your offspring will have the most of?

7. Do you like snow?

8. What would you change about the world if you could do so in the blink of an eye?

9. What would you keep the same?

10. What is the best reaction to anything you’ve ever gotten out of something?

11. Does this eleven bother you much?

4 thoughts on “I’ve Gotten My Very First Award

  1. “The Liebster Award is meant to promote great blogs with less than 200 followers.”
    According to my stats page, I have 372 followers. I don’t qualify! Yee-haw!

    No offense, though.

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